Great Moments

Great Moments in North Pole Radio

A light departure this time around as we explore some great moments from North Pole radio. Not everyone can listen to the great broadcast coverage of Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve. That is why now and then we package up a few highlights. They are a lot of fun and… Read More Great Moments in North Pole Radio

Christmas in the 60s

Christmas in the 60s

Christmas in the 60s is not as fondly remembered as Christmases of previous decades. We think that perception should change. The 1960s were incredible years in many ways. Politics shifted, music morphed, movies changed, and society itself seemed at times to unravel. They were turbulent and violent years. They were… Read More Christmas in the 60s

Christmas Too Early

Christmas Too Early

Complaining about Christmas too early seems to be a season in its own right. In fact, it has become predictable when the media starts moaning about Christmas in stores and Christmas music on the radio. Christmas, they say, comes earlier and earlier every year. But does it? History says just… Read More Christmas Too Early

Pumpkin Love

Pumpkin Love

Most people associate pumpkin with Halloween, right? And why not? The jack-o-lantern, the festive color, the carve-a-bility and all that of pumkpins make it a great way to mark fall and the festive party we all know as Halloween. Pumpkin as well anchors the after-glow of Thanksgiving. Once the stuffed… Read More Pumpkin Love

Silent Night

Celebrating 200 Years of Silent Night

Silent Night is arguably the most popular Christmas song of all time. You thought it was White Christmas, right? White Christmas might have the biggest sales numbers from a single artist…but Silent Night collectively from artists all over the world have easily outsold White Christmas. Of course, it had a… Read More Celebrating 200 Years of Silent Night

Die Hard

A Festive Rant about Bruce Willis, Die Hard and Christmas

Stop the presses: Bruce Willis — who is, in the grand scheme of things, uh, nobody — has declared that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. The media loves this kind of thing. Read about it here, here, here or here. News to us. This movie has Christmas music,… Read More A Festive Rant about Bruce Willis, Die Hard and Christmas

Patriot Christmas

The Patriot Christmas

The Christmas of patriots — those who lived before, during and just after the American Revolution — was no small event. Historians like to say that Christmas in America wasn’t a thing. But don’t ask these patriots; they loved Christmas. Who are these patriots? They are John Adams, Ben Franklin… Read More The Patriot Christmas

Leon Day

Leon Day

Leon Day will soon be upon us! Are you ready? Do you celebrate Leon Day? This is the real deal, folks. Leon is Noel spelled backwards — and it takes six months to turn it around. Leon Day falls on June 25th, marking the halfway point to Christmas. And many,… Read More Leon Day

Christmas Movies

The Christmas Movies You Watch When It Is Not Christmas

Christmas movies are thought by some to be only a December kind of thing. But there is another kind of Christmas movie watcher out there. Are you a summer Christmas movie watcher? Do you draw the blinds, crank up the A/C and put on something Christmas when it is blazing… Read More The Christmas Movies You Watch When It Is Not Christmas