Predictions for Christmas 2020

Predictions for Christmas 2020

Predictions for Christmas 2020 could ultimately prove to be an impossible task. Who foresaw what 2020 has been so far? The mess that has been made of the world by way of Coronavirus and civil unrest no doubt means many things for Christmas. In this episode we take on that… Read More Predictions for Christmas 2020

Christmas Hall of Fame

The Christmas Hall of Fame

The Christmas Hall of Fame launched in 2019 to give the true Christmas enthusiast a voice and a place to memorialize the best of Christmas. In this merry episode of the Merry Little Podcast we discuss how the Christmas Hall of Fame works by extending a conversation that began with… Read More The Christmas Hall of Fame

Christmas in Crisis

Christmas in Crisis

The world we knew is now a thing of the past. Whatever you call this thing — a pandemic, the Coronavirus, COVID-19 — it seems to have changed everything. Does that mean it has changed Christmas too? While the answer to that question is yet to be written we can… Read More Christmas in Crisis

Christmas Eve
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Christmas Eve

Which is bigger for you? Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? In this merry little episode we take a longer look at Christmas Eve and why it is what it is. Why do we celebrate the night before in a bigger way, in many cases, than the day of Christmas? For… Read More Christmas Eve

The Christmases of World War II

They were years of change and uncertainty. For Christmas, they were years that made Christmas a whole new thing. They were the years of 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944. How could these war years make Christmas different? That’s the topic of this podcast episode which features the stories and letters… Read More The Christmases of World War II

Christmas Before Christ

Christmas Before Christ

Long before the Babe of Bethlehem was born Christmas was celebrated. In this episode we explore the spiritual and very real celebration of Christmas about Christ…before Christ. Historians, dependent upon physical evidence and validated truth, are quick to dismiss anything Christmas related before Christ as Pagan. We say not so… Read More Christmas Before Christ

Bad Christmas Music

Awful, No Good, Very Bad Christmas Music

Everyone, it seems, is a Christmas music critic these days. The Christmas season of 2018 has been marked with those emphasizing what they don’t like about Christmas music.  Headlining the news has been the new debate about an old song, Baby It’s Cold Outside. Some are calling it the date… Read More Awful, No Good, Very Bad Christmas Music

Christmas Music 2018

New Christmas Music 2018

Great new Christmas music is hard to come by even though we are treated to more Christmas music each and every season. In this merry episode we do some of the dirty work for you and serve up some new music we think you’re going to love. This episode features… Read More New Christmas Music 2018

Christmas Stocking

The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

The Christmas stocking and the orange so many of us find in the toe of it every Christmas morning is a source of mystery to many. What is legend, what is myth, what is truth? There is a cruel rumor going about that for whatever the truth is about the… Read More The Legend of the Christmas Stocking