Bad Christmas Music

Awful, No Good, Very Bad Christmas Music

Merry Little Podcast of
Merry Little Podcast of
Awful, No Good, Very Bad Christmas Music

Everyone, it seems, is a Christmas music critic these days.

The Christmas season of 2018 has been marked with those emphasizing what they don’t like about Christmas music. 

Headlining the news has been the new debate about an old song, Baby It’s Cold Outside. Some are calling it the date rape song. 

This despite the fact the song is better than 70 Christmases old. 

Politics and movements aside, it should be pointed out that bad Christmas music is a thing. And it has always been a thing. 

In this merry episode we go down that road — and share — some awful, no good, very bad Christmas music with you. 

You’re welcome. And Merry Christmas. 

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