Christmas Ornaments

The Deeper Meaning of Christmas Ornaments

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The Deeper Meaning of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments get flung on trees without much thought. Many buy them in packs reminiscent of soda or beer. Most ornaments in use today are so plain and so ordinary that they receive little notice at all.

But did you know there was once quite the art to the humble Christmas ornament? Once upon a time a Christmas ornament was only used with great thought. It was carefully and often meticulously hand crafted with a single purpose in mind. Ornaments once were singular in design and heavy in symbolism.

In this episode of the Merry Little Podcast we explore how ornaments reveal some of the deeper symbolism — and at times hidden meanings — of Christmas.

We also explain why ornaments are older as a tradition than you think and why it was so much a part of the ancient celebration of Christmas.

Ornaments don’t HAVE to be meaningful. And they don’t have to be religious.

Over time they have come to symbolize family unity, occupations, political beliefs, team loyalties, and preferences in the arts.

Regardless of how they were used — they meant something.

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