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Christmas Past with Brian Earl

Christmas Past is a term that conjures up a lot of images in the mind. In those two words we are instantly reminded of things that are precious to us.

The power of Christmas past is evident in nearly all that we do to celebrate the season. Our music is filled with the golden oldies of Christmas, our decorating yields to even ancient practices of yore, and our foods are traditionally festive and have been so since before we were born.

We love to celebrate in ways that are old, to remember of how Christmas used to be, and to honor the things, places and people of the past. Christmas is, if anything, honored by time and cherished for what it has always been.

Nobody knows that better than Brian Earl, host of the Christmas Past Podcast and author of a new book titled – what else? – Christmas Past.

I’ve been wanting to talk with Brian for a long time. If anyone understands my interest and even slightly obsessive history with Christmas past, it’s Brian Earl. As he says – he’s not a historian, he is a storyteller.

And there are a lot of stories to tell about Christmas of the past.

In this far ranging episode of our own podcast Brian takes us on his Christmas journey. It is a journey that not only started in his childhood but also a journey that deliciously never ends.

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Christmas Past

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