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Christmas is Religious and That’s Okay

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Christmas is Religious and That's Okay

Celebrating the religious Christmas is not a new idea. But it is hardly in fashion.

Statistics show that the America public — especially those under the age of 35 — have left religion in droves. As they do so, the celebration of Christmas turns from a season of peace to a season with few limits. The history of Christmas has demonstrated this time and again for the past 2000 years.

But what if we live in a world where the religious Christmas wasn’t just unpopular but also illegal?

Think it won’t happen?

Think again. This episode of the Merry Little Podcast takes a long look at the latest rant from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and what it means.

You should consider their actions very carefully and, if you are a person of faith, maybe think of ways you can make your religious celebration of Christmas more accepted.

This isn’t about causing offense where offense is not intended. It is about standing up for what you believe and insisting on your right to believe it.

This is pretty serious food for thought as this Christmas season comes upon us. Will you celebrate a religious Christmas this year?

1 thought on “Christmas is Religious and That’s Okay

  1. Is it not completely irrational to rail so vehemently against one whom you swear does not even exist? If God does not exist, why waste so much energy fighting against Him? This is just one bit of evidence that supports your premise that these are merely folks who wish to control others and force their worldview upon the rest of us. And if a child doesn’t go to church and isn’t allowed to read the scriptures, how would that child understand the words of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus?” There’s hardly a chance a child under those conditions would suddenly fall on their knees and espouse devotion to God. Sheesh…they must really think we are unwise to their schemes.

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