Great Christmas Podcasts

Great Christmas Podcasts – Part 1

Merry Little Podcast of
Merry Little Podcast of
Great Christmas Podcasts - Part 1

Christmas podcasts have exploded in number over the past couple of years. A decade ago there were just a handful of us podcasting Christmas. Now there are several hundred.

How do you sort all that out? What are the truly great podcasts of Christmas?

Sure, that is a subjective thing. But if you want a balanced look at the Best of Christmas Podcasts, we point you to a two-month project that surveyed listeners, Christmas publications, Christmas radio stations, Christmas communities, Christmas podcasters and podcast experts.

But that effort selected just 10 podcasts out of the hundreds online to identify. This merry little episode focuses on some other vote getters. We spotlight just a few more podcasts we think you need to know about.

First up is Totally Rad Christmas, a podcast that burst onto the scene last year with complete energy for the 1980s Christmas.

While that’s a podcast exploring the culture of Christmas from the 80s we dig deeper into a specific area of Christmas culture through the celebration of Christmas TV specials with Advent Calendar House podcast.

And finally we wrap it up with a comfortable old friend, Sounds of Christmas, who launched a new podcast – the Sounds of Christmas Podcast – this past year.

Listen to these great Christmas creators talk about their contributions to Christmas online and why you need to give them all a listen.

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