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The Christmas Movies You Watch When It Is Not Christmas

The Christmas Movies You Watch When It Is Not Christmas

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Christmas movies are thought by some to be only a December kind of thing. But there is another kind of Christmas movie watcher out there.

Are you a summer Christmas movie watcher? Do you draw the blinds, crank up the A/C and put on something Christmas when it is blazing hot outside?

This, we have learned, is really a thing. A recent survey conducted by reveals not only is summer Christmas movie watching a favorite way to pass some downtime when the heat is on it is actually part of a year-round Christmas movie watching ritual of many Christmas fans.

December, it seems, is not the only time we watch Christmas movies.

But even more interesting are the selections made during the summer during our Christmas movie binge marathons. Simply put, the Christmas movies of summer are not the Christmas movies of, well, Christmas.

This episode explores everything about the surprising tradition of off-season Christmas movie watching.

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