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A Festive Rant about Bruce Willis, Die Hard and Christmas

Merry Little Podcast of MyMerryChristmas.com
Merry Little Podcast of MyMerryChristmas.com
A Festive Rant about Bruce Willis, Die Hard and Christmas

Stop the presses: Bruce Willis — who is, in the grand scheme of things, uh, nobody — has declared that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

The media loves this kind of thing. Read about it here, here, here or here.

News to us.

This movie has Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, Christmas foods, and Christmas sound effects. The whole thing is set at a Christmas party. The soundtrack has Christmas classics in it like “Let It Snow“, among others. It uses the phrase “ho, ho, ho” and it’s not about a trashy woman.

So this merry little episode contains a little memo to Bruce Willis: Die Hard is a Christmas movie, pal.

Ok, so many we go off on Bruce a little bit. But it is not like he didn’t have it coming. This guy hasn’t had a hit movie since the 1980s, for pete’s sake.

Technically, there are a LOT of Christmas movies out there that aren’t…in the strictest sense…um, Christmas movies. It’s A Wonderful Life is not about Christmas (but it is a Christmas movie). Did you ever hear Jimmy Stewart deny it?

No, because Jimmy Stewart had class. He had brains. And he probably has a publicist.

Bruce evidently doesn’t have any of those.

Anyway, we can’t talk about Bruce “Pinhead” Willis for the whole episode — and we don’t. This episode also covers the Christmas Anniversaries of 2018.

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