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Stuff We Don’t Do with Christmas Trees Anymore

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Stuff We Don't Do with Christmas Trees Anymore

Christmas trees are one of the fastest evolving customs of Christmas. Frankly, Christmas trees are not as old as people suppose.

Unlike most symbols of Christmas the Christmas tree was born of Christian religious fervor (and not a byproduct of pagan holidays, as some say). Of course, the Christmas tree has been secularized, like most things of Christmas. And yet nobody seems to really mind. The Christmas tree is beloved by all.

This is what gives the Christmas tree its staying power. It has established itself as an enduring tradition.

Yet rarely does one generation keep and use Christmas trees as did the generation before. The Christmas tree is amazingly flexible, able to shift with the times and the beliefs of those who embrace it.

This festive episode explores the trees of Christmas past and traditions we just don’t do anymore when it comes to Christmas trees.

Some are traditions of an older time where technology just didn’t exist. Others are traditions that have just faded away…just because.

In this episode we take a look at myths surrounding Christmas tree history, the rise and fall of aluminum Christmas trees, the lost decorative art of Christmas light reflectors on trees, the defunct 19th Century tradition of blowing out the Christmas tree candles for the last time and why the real Christmas tree is losing its battle to the fake trees of today.

This episode also includes information about table top Christmas trees, putting presents ON the tree, cutting down Christmas trees with…um, firearms, and how the anti-slavery movement in the pre-Civil War era really brought Christmas trees into the American mainstream.

How’s that for an eclectic offering?

Ironically, the Christmas tree remains as magical now as when it really first burst on the world-wide stage of Christmas in the mid-19th century.

People seeing them for the first time then could not believe their eyes. That same wonder captures us as we look at Christmas trees of today, too.

The is a cheery episode filled with light, love and music.

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