From the Mountains of Christmas She Comes

Gryla from the Mountains of ChristmasFrom the Mountains of Christmas she comes and the children of Iceland fear her. She is Gryla, one of the most horrific Christmas monsters you have ever heard of.

Gryla’s home in the mountains of Christmas is not one of joy — or peace. She is evil to the core.

Described as part witch and part Krampus she has physical characteristics that make children quiver in fear. She has a long nose, huge ears, hooves for feet and 13 tails on her backside. And all she does in hunt children — especially the naughty. Her gruesome legend is celebrated today with watered-down versions of her tales of terror.

She is not alone, however. She has 13 sons with equally insatiable appetites for the young and they too possess characteristics that are terrifying. Their legend has been so ingrained in Icelandic society that at one time children refused to even step out of doors during the month of December.

This episode of the Merry Podcast explores this monster from the mountains of Christmas and introduces a theme will pursue in the next full episode of the Merry Podcast about Christmas creeps.

From the Mountains of Christmas She Comes

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